HPS Rental - your specialist rental provider of industrial pumps for the building and drilling industries.

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HPS Rental – your specialist concerning rental of high-pressure pumps, mud pumps, centrifugal pumps and equipment for building industry and drilling industry.

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Entrusted with the largest of projects


The core focus of our operations is providing high-pressure pumps for large, horizontally controlled drilling projects in the demanding of conditions. We also provide rental equipment in support of a wide range of projects:

  • Drilling, extraction, bulling and workover projects in the oil and gas industry;
  • Vertical drilling projects such as the installation of wells for thermal energy or drinking water;
  • Civil engineering and earthworks projects including tunneling, large-format backfilling and jet grouting for cement building foundations; and
  • Geothermal energy extraction projects including pumps for fracturing intrusive igneous rock (fracking).

Access to the latest equipment

Our ever-expanding rental park consists of more than 20 high-pressure pump units (60-840 kw), centrifugal pumps (45-380 kw), as well as all necessary ancillary equipment such as tanks and high-pressure lines.

Trusted by a demanding client base

Our diverse customer base includes construction and engineering companies, utilities, municipalities, government agencies and independent contractors. We provide every customer with access to the best people, equipment and solutions in the industry.

Trouble-free rentals for time-sensitive projects

We operate from a single, modern facility with excellent transport links to guarantee immediate repair and dispatch within 24 hours. Our 6,000m2 premises allow for a well-sorted and comprehensive inventory of new and replacement parts for all our pumps (including a wide range of fluid ends and connectors for both the delivery side and the intake side).

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Let us take care of maintenance

After each use, all our equipment is overhauled and cleaned in our own cleaning bay with integrated grease extractor. We avail of our own on-premises ‘clean room’ to ensure that the motors, gear trains and pumps are kept free of grime during maintenance and repair. All maintenance and repair is carried out by skilled personnel with the latest accreditation and training.

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